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THREE weeks ago I slipped on a vicious metal gangplank at Sam’s in Tiburon and landed smack on my right shin, bent under my body (I was carrying both camera and tripod so couldn’t grab the rail) while filming for Darling Dee, Major-Domo of Angel Island Still bruised, but no real damage.

Last Saturday we were filming at the magical Spann Vineyards in the Mayacamas Mountains ( and it is REALLY in the mountains!) for Fortunatus. Well, we all got carried away, cast our boots to the wind and danced merrily in the grapes until our feet turned blue. Not good for the injured knee and I am now definitely listing to starboard.

This has so impaired my beach-combing! but I did spot wonderful tangles of rebar along the seawall, newly exposed by the storms, and managed to swipe two big pieces which I had intended to form the basis of the oyster chandelier I’ll be making any day now. The bigger bit begged to be incorporated into the driftwood mirror frame, so I did, screwing it as securely as I could since the mirror is over my favorite sofa and I don’t want to be skewered.

The thing I love about it is the delicate little hook at the end. It just charms me.

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