Colour: the Torment

Current desire: to paint the lower kitchen cupboards a dark slatey blue, the walls putty, with accents of a clear china blue. Maybe even have the upper cupboards something other than my beloved maps. It would set off my dark concrete counters beautifully, and look crisper than the red oxide pigment paint which is splendidly authentic but a bit Brown.

The floors are key issue in this house as far as decorating is concerned. they are douglas fir – beautiful, original douglas fir which happens to be bright orange. The colour doesn’t really register if you look at the floor, hey, it’s wood coloured, who looks further? But putting other colours with it is very difficult, which is how I ended up with a sort of milky terracotta.

The original white walls looked bare and cold and made the wood seem garish. I moved to a burnt orange which I enjoyed, but it did begin to grate. Since then I have planked the ceiling and that is a far softer colour, pinker, so the walls mediate. In fact, the colour of the central room barely registers, which is fine by me, as there are no contrasts. Your eyes automatically go to the view.

Both my own room and the sitting porch are now a soft putty colour, warmer than the Farrow & Ball Lime White I used in England. The bathroom hall is ice blue, Stefan’s room a light ochre which irritates me now. Every other room opens from the central terracotta room. I will never have a harmonious flow if I paint each room something different in rotation!

I should be working!

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